Everything Beautiful,Godly and Good

Who am I

The Lost won Battle!

Most of the times in life we are made to believe that when we loose is to be defeated,we are made to accept that everything lost is a defeat,I have concluded in my own life in the thirty years I have lived under the sun that some battles are actually won when they are lost.someContinue reading “The Lost won Battle!”

Taking Stock Two

June wasn’t easy I swear,I have had very difficult days,nights and in between,I have struggled to read the word and to write …it has been that uneasy kind of a feeling that the heart is willing but the body just can’t,I have had long and short nights,it hasnt been a walk in a park butContinue reading “Taking Stock Two”

Still Through The Storm

Sometimes we are not our limit,sometimes we don’t limit our ability,sometimes we actually get out there to try,sometimes we get to do the hustle,sometimes we are not at our comfort Zone,yes we are so out of our comfort and we are at a very uncomfortable place that only our souls can feel the uncomfortability outContinue reading “Still Through The Storm”

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